St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

Stained glass windows by Trena Cox

We are happy to have a set of eight small windows in the porch by the early 20th-century stained glass artist Trena Cox.

This gallery shows exquisite details from those windows and from some of her other work that refers to St Werburgh.

Trena Mary Cox (1895–1980) was a 20th century stained glass artist. Born on the Wirral and educated at the Laird School of Art, she moved to Chester in 1924. Initially Trena had a studio in the Kaleyards on Victoria Road, Chester, working alongside Williams, Gamon & Co. Later, she moved to 96 Watergate Street and established a studio there. It is interesting to observe the evolution of Trena Cox’s style throughout her long career (she made her last window in 1972, at the age of 77). Her work is characterised by vibrant colour and pattern. Landscapes teem with life – birds perch in trees, butterflies hover around tiny flowers and fish leap out of rivers. Interesting little details are included in the quarries (small pieces of glass cut into geometric shapes). Trena’s later work is more stylised than her earlier designs. Her work can mainly be found throughout Cheshire, Wirral, Lancashire and North Wales. The collection at St Werburgh’s is particularly fine. - Aleta Doran

All photos in this gallery are by Aleta Doran.