St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

‘Ides of March’ Music Night - a great success!

The ‘Wild Boys’ and ‘Wild Girls’ of St Werburgh’s SVP once again did themselves proud, as T-Shirt wearers and star performers at the ‘Ides of March’ Music Night, held at the Chester Catholic High School in support of the SVP District’s ‘Holiday Home’ Appeal.

 Led by the wildest boy of all - Conference Vice President Marco ‘Agnetha’ Abbiati - the Werbies were joined by Catholic High School Staff Choir members to perform a selection of Abba songs, including, ‘Thank you for the Music’, ‘My Old Man’s a dustman’ and ‘Mama Mia’, which was sung with great gusto and with Marco sporting a blond Agnetha Faltskog wig!

 The Music Night was attended by upwards of eighty guests and hopes are that the music, the Prize Raffle and the ‘Bonkers Bingo’ will have raised a handsome sum for the Holiday Home.

 Interviewed after the performance ‘Agnetha’ said, “Thanks must go to everybody involved in tonight’s great success.  The High School pupils demonstrated immense musical talent and courage and let us please also applaud the High School teachers who, in partnering and accompanying the Werbie Wild Boys and Girls, showed great fortitude and resilience:  Thank You to Cathy, Maria, Bernadette, Sarah, Laura, Gill, Amy and Ana.”

 Our photos show the Werbies and CHS Staff Choir in action.  And is that our esteemed Treasurer Richard Williams wearing a Werbie Wild Girl T-shirt?!

John O’Sullivan
Friday 15th March 2024