St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

‘Werbie Spice Girls and Wild Boys’ in action!

St Werburgh’s very own ‘Spice Girls and Wild Boys’ were star performers at the ‘Festive Tea Party’, held at the St Werburgh’s & St Columba’s Primary School on Lightfoot Street today, for parishioners and guests. 

Arranged by Madeleine Morrin and Bernie O’Shea the ‘Festive Tea Party was attended by up to 40 friends, some of whom can find it challenging to attend Mass at Church on occasion.  Attendees also included a number of guests from other parishes who had come along, “to meet St Werburgh’s friends and enjoy some famous Werbie hospitality and entertainment.”

Indeed, entertainment was provided in the form of a Prize Raffle (in which everybody got a prize) and by St Werburgh’s very own ‘Ace’ guitarist Bernard Gorman, ‘Maestro’ Marco Abbiati and SVP groups the ‘Werbie Spice Girls’ and ‘Werbie Wild Boys’.  Their collective renditions of classic festive and ‘Merseyside’ tunes - and toe-tappers like ‘Sweet Caroline’ left the audience absolutely speechless!

“Shall we say it was a remarkable performance!” said Fr Paul Shaw, who had nonetheless enthusiastically donned a ‘Wild Boys’ t-shirt and helped belt out the songs from the stalls.  “I have never heard anything quite like it before.” he commented.

Our pictures provide a flavour of the event, which was a huge success - and a fitting testimony to the hard work of all St Werbugh’s SVP Members.


John O’Sullivan
Saturday 6th January 2024