St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

Maintaining the Website

It is important that the content of the Website be maintained and kept up-to-date. To help in this, we have tried to minimise the number of pages that will need regular updating. This page is intended to act as a guide and checklist of what needs to be updated, and when.





  • Parish People - Parish Council and Finance Committee changes, change of other individuals responsible for particular activities, change of Priest
  • Previous clergy - change of priest, but also useful to update when former priests move to new positions or die, or when additional information comes to light about historic incumbents
  • Parish Groups - if new groups are formed, old ones dissolve, or an existing group takes on a new role

Diary versus Calendar

At present, future events can be accessed both via a static Diary and a dynamic Google Calendar. Where possible, an embedded version of the Calendar is placed near to mention of specific groups or activities. However, there are some events listed in the static Diary but not the Calendar; these should be monitored and modified appropriately if and when the static Diary is removed. Relevant pages are: