St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

Parish Groups

There are many formal or informal groups involved in Parish activities. If you wish to join any of these, contact the coordinator listed on the Parish People page, or consult the Parish Diary to see when that group next meets. In the list below, clicking on the diary icon will show or hide the group's next advertised meetings or activities.


St Werburgh's Music Group, the Motivators

The music group usually leads the singing at the 10:45am Mass on the third Sunday of each month (having practised during the previous week, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening). We currently have guitars, a flute and a variety of percussion instruments for accompaniment. New members are always welcome.


St Werburgh's Choir

We normally practise on the first Monday of the month. All are welcome to join.


St Werburgh's SVP

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society is extremely active in St Werburgh's Parish, watching out for the need of our older parishioners. Members make visits regularly and organise events throughout the year. A highlight of our activities in the Parish is the Mass for the elderly and housebound that we hold twice a year at the Primary School. New members and donations are always welcome!


St Werburgh's Liturgy Group

A vital role in the Parish is fulfilled by parishioners who train especially for the service of Liturgy. Special Masses, readings and prayers are carefully chosen to suit the Liturgical year. Through regular support, members become deeply involved in the heart of the Parish activity.


St Werburgh's Reading Ministry

Readers participate in the Liturgy of the Word during Mass. We hold regular meetings at which the readers and other interested parishioners can study and reflect on forthcoming liturgical readings.


St Werburgh's Eucharistic Ministry

Ministers of the Eucharist participate in the distribution of the Sacrament of the Eucharist during the celebration of Mass, and on occasion hold Eucharistic services when the priest is absent.


St Werburgh's Altar Servers

The role of Altar Server is an important one in our parish. Young people are able to participate in this ministry and gain a deeper understanding of Holy Mass and other services. See the Parish Priest if you or your children are interested.

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Children's Liturgy

During term time, the Children's Liturgy group provides readings and activities for young children during the 10.45 am Sunday Mass.


St Werburgh's Fair Trade

Fair trade is an important concept as it ensures that ethics are adhered to and avoids the exploitation of people in poorer countries. Our Fair Trade stall often sells dry foostuffs and other products after Mass.



The local branch of CAFOD, the Catholic Overseas Development Agency, holds a number of fund-raising events through the year, including recent participation in the Manchester Run.


Catholic Women's League

The Shrewsbury Diocesan Branch of the Catholic Womens's League meets at St Francis Church Hall every month. New members are always welcome.



The local branch of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child has regular meetings at St Francis Church Hall every two months. New members are always welcome.