St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

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II Kings 5, 14-17; Psalm 97; II Timothy 2, 8-13; Luke 17, 11-19

Saturday 6.00 pm: Rowton Methodists: Joseph Carey (Anniversary)

Sunday 9.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Jean Hewson (L.D.)

Sunday 10.45 am: St Werburgh’s: Alan Harrison (L.D.)

Sunday 12.30 pm: St Werburgh’s: Baptism of Helena-Grace Curry

Sunday 3.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: Marian Hour for October

Sunday 6.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: Mick Fields


Monday 14th October: Ferial: Romans 1, 1-7; Psalm 97; Luke 11, 29-32

12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: Thanksgiving

1.05 pm: University Chapel: University Mass – All Welcome!


Tuesday 15th October: St Teresa of Avila: Romans 1, 16-25; Psalm 18; Luke 11, 37-41

10.00 am: Primary School: Year 5/6 Class Mass

11.15 am: Overleigh: Interment of Ashes for the late Angelina Mackay

12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: Special Intention (JA)

2.00 pm: Overleigh: Graveside Service for Baby Oscar

6.30 pm: High School: Welcome Mass for Year Seven and Families

7.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: Confirmation Class Six: What Makes a Saint?


Wednesday 16th October: Ferial: Romans 2, 1-11; Psalm 61; Luke 11, 42-46

11.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Grosvenor Gardens NH (Crawford’s Walk): Service for Residents & Visitors

12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: Michael Gornall (L.D., Garstang)

7.30 pm: St Werburgh’s: Bible Talk 3: Practice in Translating the Bible Ourselves


Thursday 17th October: St Ignatius of Antioch: Romans 3, 21-30; Psalm 129; Luke 11, 47-54

11.00: St Clare’s Chester: Requiem Mass for Henry Kearney

12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: James Clewes (L.D., Pensby) and Family


Friday 18th October: St Luke, Evangelist: II Timothy 4, 10-17; Psalm 144; Luke 10, 1-9

11.00 am - 12.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: Mary Bigley


Saturday 19th October: St Peter of Alcantara: Isaiah 52, 7-10; Psalm 95; Matthew 13, 47-52

10.00 am: HMP Berwyn: Mass for Prisoners and Visitors (Fr Paul)

10.30 am – 12.00 noon: St Werburgh’s: Confessions (Fr Neill)

6.00 pm: Rowton Methodists: Mario Vitelli (Anniversary)


Exodus 17, 8-13; Psalm 120; II Timothy 3,14 – 4,2; Luke 18, 1-8

Saturday 6.00 pm: Rowton Methodists: Mario Vitelli (Anniversary)

Sunday 9.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Jean Hewson

Sunday 10.45 am: St Werburgh’s: Michael Barry (7th Anniversary)

Sunday 6.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: Intentions of CathSoc



Your prayers are asked for the following who are sick: Elisabeth, Stuart Clark, Keith Hayes, Sheila Winder, Heather Lannin, James Catterson, Joe and Ruth O’Kane, Henri Diacono, James Donovan, Garth Stocking and Kevin Maguire; and for all the sick of the Parish; and for those who have died recently, especially John Campbell and Baby Oscar; and for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Catherine Reade, Beatrice Barlow, Michael Mee, Richard Wright, Joseph Poole, Agnes Hutchinson, Valerie Cummings, Anne Stevenson, William Michael, Barry Champion, Angela Collins, Sheila Gapper, Felix McCarroll, Mary Spence, Charles Gaughran, Ted Lloyd, Thomas McCann, Michael Keeley, Carol Jones, Michael Homfray-Davis, Ellen Daly, Peter Curtis, Norman Blackwell, Paul Healy, Colin Reddy, Mary Abley, David Barratt, Betty Pendlebury & Michael Bretherton. May They All Rest in Peace. 

Parish events

Church Heating

We switched the heating on last week after its six month lay-off, and lots of problems! Pumps seized, boilers dead, thermocouples burnt out (whatever they are). Engineers working all Friday morning, back on Monday morning, so apologies for a chilly church today, everyone.


October Bible Exhibition

Our church is to be open every morning from 10.00 am till Sacristans arrive at 11.30: could you help by being a Steward any morning? List at back! Any more Bibles you’d like displayed?


Third Talk on Bible Translation: Wednesday

Quite a technical session last Wednesday on Masoretic Texts, Septuagints, Syriac, Erasmus, Nestlé-Aland – welcome to the world of Bible Translation! This Wednesday, we take a few key verses in the Bible and have a go at translating them ourselves. Everyone warmly welcome.


Last of the Four Dickens Study Weeks

Next Saturday afternoon (18th), I’m off for the fourth and final Study Week on the Great Man: and then on to St Edmund’s Ware for a Wedding on the Friday (25th) before driving back here on Saturday morning. Many thanks to Frs Colin and Neill for looking after Masses while I am away, and to Syd for generally minding the shop.


Choir Practices for Confirmation

Just a reminder, Choir, that we’re down at St Clare’s for Confirmation Choir Practices on Thursday 7th November and Thursday 14th November, in preparation for the great day on Tuesday 19th November. Choir Practices at 7.30 pm, Confirmation itself at 7.00 pm.


After Mass Refreshments on Wednesday

Do come and join us in the House after Mass on Wednesday for our usual super spread!


November’s “First Friday” Recital

Cathedral Nave Choir on Friday 8th November, 7.30 pm. (Not 1st Nov, as that’s All Saints!)


Confirmation Class Six on Tuesday

What makes a Saint? And so, what name shall I choose for my Confirmation?


The Bells, the Bells!

Both the Sacristy Bell and the Altar Bell have been beautifully refurbished and renovated, part of our Diocesan Appeal Minor Works List. Have a good look at both today before they go back into daily use. The holes in the wall where the old one was fixed have now been filled, and ready for new screw-holes to be drilled!


Repository: Get ready for Christmas!

Our premium Christmas cards and gifts are now in stock.  Unique for this year are Christmas Cards made by contemplative Nuns from the Carmelite Monastery, Quidenham, Norfolk.  The cards are the result of the talent and hard work of many of the Sisters, and the sales generated are the monastery's primary source of income. Please come and browse.


Health and Safety Group Last Thursday

After the excellent initial enthusiasm, when so many people indicated a willingness to become involved, we have now evolved into a smaller group of six very committed parishioners, for which I am hugely grateful. Continuing their first-rate work started before the summer, our first two priorities being Working at Height, and Fire Safety.


“Acts”: Adult Catholics Together Spiritually

Residential Retreat at St Winefride’s Guest House, Holywell, Friday 25th – Sunday 27th October. Anonymous donations of £120 welcome. Details: Siobhan 0161-477-2783 /


Chester CAFOD Group Mass of Thanksgiving

Tuesday 22nd October, 7.00 pm at St Clare’s: to give thanks for 30 years of support and work for Overseas Aid. Refreshments. All welcome!


Next Meeting of the Readers' Group

Monday October 21st, 7.00 pm in the Presbytery for about an hour. We will discuss the Sunday readings for the next month. All are very welcome.


Caritas Boxes Collection

Dominique and Nathalie will be available at all Masses on 26th / 27th October to collect the contents of your Caritas boxes. Please bring monies in a strong plastic bag or envelope, clearly marked with your name. Opportunity to sign up if you wish to join.


Course on Parenting at the Catholic High School

Another of the popular free courses for parents is about to start at the High School on Wednesday 16th at 7.00 pm. It will help you to help your children to develop strong emotional wellbeing and resilience.  See a little more about the course.  Like all our courses it's free to parents.  The course will run over 5 weeks with a break for half term in the middle and is suitable for parents of children aged 8-18 yrs. Please get in touch if you're interested in taking part by contacting Claire on 07743-704-383. 


Requesting a lift from Great Barrow

“Sunday mornings, to come here to Mass. Willing to share expenses. I am able to get a lift back.” See FP if able to help with this parishioner’s request.


Annual Diocesan Mass for Grandparents

12 noon, Saturday 2nd November at St Alban’s, Mill Lane, Liscard, CH44 5UD.  Please bring your family to celebrate and give thanks for the part you play in the lives of your grandchildren. Refreshments afterwards. Nearest car park: shopping precinct opposite the Parish Hall in St Alban’s Road.


Music Group

Playing at the 10.45 am Mass on Sunday 20th Oct. Usual practice in Church Monday 14th Oct 7.00 pm


Calling all Catholic Students for Sunday Evenings!

Purple sheets for ALL our students to leave us their details at back of church. Every student, at Chester or elsewhere, Catholic or not, very warmly welcome.


Photo of the Week: Organ in Berlin Cathedral

7,269 pipes, 113 registers, four manuals and pedals. No, James, you can’t – forget it!