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Acts 10, 34-43; Psalm 117; Colossians 3, 1-4; John 20, 1-9

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today (Morning): Ken Lawley and Kathleen Hargreaves
Evening: Private Intention (JA)

Monday 13th April: Monday of the Easter Octave: Acts 2, 14-33; Psalm 15; Matthew 28, 8-15
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Alex Barnes

Tuesday 14th April: Tuesday of the Easter Octave: Acts 2, 36-41; Psalm 32; John 20, 11-18
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Ann Snowling (6th Anniversary)

Wednesday 15th April: Wednesday of the Easter Octave: Acts 3, 1-10; Psalm 104; Luke 24, 13-35
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Rachael Andrews

Thursday 16th April: Thursday of the Easter Octave: Acts 3, 11-26; Psalm 8; Luke 24, 35-48
1.20 pm: Blacon: Funeral Service for Patrick Elliott, late of Chester Lodge NH
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Gerry Cummins (Birthday Remembrance)

Friday 17th April: Friday of the Easter Octave: Acts 4, 1-12; Psalm 117; John 21, 1-14
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Mary Rogers (100th Birthday Remembrance)

Saturday 18th April: Saturday of the Easter Octave: Acts 4, 13-21; Psalm 117; Mark 16, 9-15
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Shaun Williams (L.D., Malawi)

Acts 2, 42-47; Psalm 117; I Peter 1, 3-9; John 20, 19-31
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today (Morning): Sheila Norman (Birthday Remembrance)
Evening: Tineke Robertson (L.D., Netherlands)


Prayer Intentions

Your prayers are asked for the following who are sick: Pauline Hackett, Kerry Woodbury, Tina Johnson, Laura Chadwick, Elisabeth, Stuart Clark, Keith Hayes, Sheila Winder, James Catterson, Joe and Ruth O’Kane, Henri Diacono, Garth Stocking and Kevin Maguire; and for all the sick of the Parish; and for those who have died recently, especially Kevin Smyth, Bridget (Bridie) Williams, Barbara Galvin, James Donovan, Patrick Elliott and Michael Gantley; and for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Janie Turner, Helen Bird, Terry King, Kathy Reynolds, Mary Byrne, Cecilia Gresty, Pat Griffiths, Kathleen Hughes, James Thornton, Arthur Tolley, John Claxton, Jerry Walsh, John Connolly, Catherine O’Mahony, Matthew Harper, Marie Foley, Mary Reddy, Ann Grimes, William Edge, Joseph Jones, Cara Messer, Mavis Fazey, Eileen Johnson, Norah Atherton, Esther Wilbraham, Barbara Cooke and Gerry Cummins. May They All Rest in Peace.


Parish events

St Werburgh’s Church Still Closed

In common with all public buildings and places where people gather together, St Werburgh’s has had to be closed for the duration of this Coronavirus outbreak. We all regret this hugely, the first time in our history we have needed to close our church: but we also recognise we must play our part in preventing the spread of this killer virus, by avoiding gathering together and, wherever possible, staying in our own homes. We know that, both as individuals and as a community, we will co-operate to the full in these instructions. The sooner we get on top of this infection, the sooner normal life can return, and our Churches once again be open.

Holy Week and Easter

The Pope and all our Bishops have decided that Easter cannot be postponed until after this Coronavirus outbreak is ended, and so we must celebrate each and every day of this holiest week in our life together as reverently and meaningfully as we can. Sadly, the church cannot be open and there can be no public gatherings. But FP will celebrate each day, as fully as possible in the absence of a congregation. Palm Sunday was celebrated last Sunday, alas with no Palms, but inquisitive donkeys, Donald and Donna, anxious to be part of it, as always. Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Thursday Evening, with Watching at the Tabernacle till Midnight – I know many of you were joining me at home. As was the case with Good Friday yesterday, the Liturgy of the Passion at 3.00 pm. The Easter Vigil will be celebrated by myself here at 8.30 pm tonight, again, with another Private Mass at Midnight, as usual. Easter Morning Mass at 10.45 am, with a second one at 6.00 pm, again on my own, but I know you are with me in prayer. And then, after Evening Mass on Easter Sunday…

On-Line Catholic Resources at our Cathedral

We have compiled as complete a list as we can of on-line resources. Our own Cathedral in Shrewsbury has many excellent ways of keeping in touch with the church, including live streaming of Mass. The website which takes you straight through is:

Welsh Railways Trip: All Full Now!

Wednesday 6th May: All 48 places have now been taken. At the moment it is still going ahead, but we will almost certainly need to make a decision this coming week, depending on the Railway. If we need to postpone, we will let you know via this Newsletter immediately. No cheques or cash have been banked.

First Holy Communion Masses in May

Looking unlikely but watch this space!

Self-Isolating Contact List

If you know of anyone – including you yourself – who would like to go on the “Please Contact” list, do let us know. And, if you’re willing to go on the “Willing to Contact” List, we’d love to hear from you.

Keeping in Touch during this Period

Newsletters and Information Sheets will be available two ways, as usual: hard copies, in the Newsletter Box on the Front Door of the Church; and on the website, as you’ve always done. Log on to: On the home page, you will see two links: one takes you to all the official statements that have come out from Bishop Mark, the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales, and our own Information Sheet; the other takes you to the increasingly irritating Parish Priest’s Daily Blog. You log on at your peril…

CAFOD Lent Fast Day Envelopes: Last Call

Envelopes are in the Box on the Front Door of Church: pop them through the House Letter Box!

That Perennial Question, Asked Every Year…

“So, Father, when exactly does Lent end?” You know the answer, my children, and just try it on asking it again and again. Sunday Evening, 7.05 pm. OK? This year, with fewer cars on the road, an ideal time to hear one of the great Sounds of Old Chester, Easter Evening, 7.05 on the dot. Gather in Grosvenor Park, a safe six feet apart and you will hear that most beautiful of sounds: Clink, clink, clink, glug, glug, fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Parish Council Meeting Next Wednesday

Another “Virtual Meeting” next Wednesday evening, please, Team, so that together we can review how the lockdown is going generally and if there is anything we need to change or put in place to support everyone in this surreal time. As last time, we gather in the Front Garden, safely six feet apart, and just shout to each other… Who needs Zoom? Skype? Whatsapp? [What they? Ed]

Collection Money During this Emergency

Syd and Denise are now working on our Financial Year-End Statement for the Diocese – some things go on, virus or no virus! We identified many months ago that this was going to be a very tight year, and so indeed it’s proved to be, irrespective of this current lockdown. Normally, the Collection on Easter Sunday is your personal gift to the Priest, but this year, could I ask please if it could be given to the Parish? If you are as generous as you normally are, the Parish Finances will appreciate that hugely. Thanks, everyone.

First Holy Communion Masses in May

Still going ahead at present but watch this space!

Self-Isolating Contact List

If you know of anyone – including you yourself – who would like to go on the “Please Contact” list, do let us know. And, if you’re willing to go on the “Willing to Contact” List, we’d love to hear from you.

Photo of the Week from Lal: Omaha, Nebraska

An extraordinary piece of modern sculpture, Statue of the Risen Christ, which greets visitors to the State Cemeteries in Omaha, Nebraska – one of a series, the others being Calvary, Resurrection, Holy Sepulchre, Our Lady and St Mary Magdalen. It reminds me of the fantastic Cimitero Monumentale in Milan last August, funerary monuments that makes the Brits look terribly restrained and inhibited. Do have a look!