St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

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Acts 2, 14-33; Psalm 15; I Peter 1, 17-21; Luke 24, 13-35

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today (Morning): Wendy Jones (Birthday Remembrance)

Evening: Jim Catterson (L.D.)


Monday 27th April: Ferial: Acts 6, 8-15; Psalm 118; John 6, 22-29

2.20 pm: Walton Lea Crematorium, Warrington: Funeral Service for the late Vicky Ballard

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Mary Fazey (Birthday Remembrance)


Tuesday 28th April: Ferial: Acts 7,51 – 8,1; Psalm 30; John 6, 30-35

1.15 pm: Overleigh: Interment of Ashes for the late Peggy and Maurice Power

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Pat Maguire (26th Anniversary)


Wednesday 29th April: St Catherine of Siena: I John 1,5 – 2,2; Psalm 102; Matthew 11, 25-30

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Intentions of Joy Woolfall (Canada)


Thursday 30th April: Ferial: Acts 8, 26-40; Psalm 65; John 6, 44-51

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Thanksgiving


Friday 1st May: Saint Joseph the Worker: Acts 9, 1-20; Psalm 116; John 6, 52-59

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Margaret Haslam (24th Anniversary)


Saturday 2nd May: St Athanasius: Acts 9, 31-42; Psalm 115; John 6, 60-69

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today:  Alan Kilfoyle (8th Anniversary)



Acts 2, 14-41; Psalm 22; I Peter 2, 20-25; John 10, 1-10

Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today (Morning): Mary Taylor (Birthday Remembrance)

Evening: Ray O’Brien (10th Anniversary)


Prayer Intentions

Your prayers are asked for the following who are sick: John Swarbrick, Pauline Hackett, Kerry Woodbury, Tina Johnson, Laura Chadwick, Elisabeth, Stuart Clark, Keith Hayes, Sheila Winder, Joe and Ruth O’Kane, Henri Diacono, Garth Stocking and Kevin Maguire; and for all the sick of the Parish; and for those who have died recently, especially Tommy Bromwich, Noreen Cubitt, Laura Ruddock, Carmel Kimpton, Jim Catterson and Vicky Ballard; and for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Bridget O’Hara, Apolonia Marano, Sally Dunne, Margaret Holland, John McShane, Philomena Kenyon, Maureen Moran, Margaret Haslam, Richard Spencer, Thomas Clisham, Janina Ratomski, Alan Kilfoyle, John Martinez, Terry Walshe, John Moore, Dorothy Arcari, Daisy Moran, Catherine Watkins, Christina Maguire, Bernard Gallagher, Kathleen Pickersgill, Thomas Kidd, Margaret Price, John Spencer, Thomas Raftery, Angela Lloyd, Humphrey Broad-Davies, Henry Joyce, Cora McHugh, Bernard Dodd, Bishop Joseph Gray, Denis Duckers and Eileen Briton. May They All Rest in the Peace and Light of the Risen Lord Jesus.

Parish events

St Werburgh’s Church Still Closed

In common with all public buildings and places where people gather together, St Werburgh’s has had to be closed for the duration of this Coronavirus outbreak. We all regret this hugely, the first time in our history we have needed to close our church: but we also recognise we must play our part in preventing the spread of this killer virus, by avoiding gathering together and, wherever possible, staying in our own homes. We know that, both as individuals and as a community, we will co-operate to the full in these instructions. The sooner we get on top of this infection, the sooner normal life can return, and our Churches once again be open.


Mass Intentions During Lockdown

Still honoured and delighted to say your Mass Intentions: but there is only one Mass each day except Sunday (two) and  that does mean that some pre-booked Intentions may not be on the exact day you requested if it was a Sunday. I’ll try to say your Mass on the nearest available day, and hope you understand.


Catholic Newspapers and Magazines

Continuing to be delivered. So, I’ll be at the front of church on Sunday morning, 10.00 – 11.00 am, if any of you want to come by on your daily walk and pick up your copy – or any of the back copies still here. including “Day by Day” for Easter and the Sacred Heart Messenger.


“Online giving to the Parish”

An online donation page has been added to the Parish website. It’s the third box down on the Home Page. (Box One are the Official Statements, Box Two is the Blog.)

On-Line Catholic Resources at our Cathedral

The website which takes you straight through is:


Self-Isolating Contact List

If you know of anyone – including you yourself – who would like to go on the “Please Contact” list, do let us know. If you’re willing to go on the “Willing to Contact” List, we’d love to hear from you.


Welsh Railways Trip Postponed

Wednesday 6th May: sadly, now no longer possible on that date. No cheques or cash have been banked. We’ll get back to you as soon as it’s possible to book a replacement date.


First Holy Communion Masses in May

Mrs Robertshaw, our excellent Parish Co-Ordinator, has been in touch with me and the school to see if we are in a position to make any decisions. Obviously, early May is out, and almost certainly the whole month. Plus, you all need to give families plenty of notice, and only when it’s safe for them to travel. So, rest assured, everyone, we are actively looking at options, and will get back to you when the national situation is a little clearer and we can see what’s going to be for the best.


Caritas Boxes Spring Collection

Caritas have written to say that due to Covid-19, their Spring Collection will not take place this year but the Autumn one will hopefully go ahead in September/October. So, there will only be one collection this year and the date will be published in the parish newsletter nearer the time.  Please keep putting any loose change you may have in your boxes. Thank you for your support.


Keeping in Touch during this Period

Newsletters and Information Sheets will be available two ways, as usual: hard copies, in the Newsletter Box on the Front Door of the Church; and on the website, as you’ve always done. Log on to: On the home page, you will see three links: one takes you to all the official statements; the second is the painful Parish Priest’s Daily Blog; the third is online giving.


Message from Bishop Mark

I send this short message to you as we continue to walk day by day through this crisis. I know that tens of thousands have been able to join me in the Cathedral via livestream, yet I am conscious that I have not been able to speak personally to many others in the Diocese. I want to assure you, whether you find yourself today in our hospitals and care homes; in self-isolation at home; or living amidst the many restrictions of this time, that we remain united in prayer. Be assured that you have a place in my prayer every day. I particularly want to thank your priests and deacons who have continued to serve in so many generous ways, not least in the care of the sick and dying and above all by the daily offering of the Mass celebrated alone. I know you are held in their daily prayer.

 I also want to record our gratitude at this moment in history to all the doctors, nurses, care workers, cleaners, our police and shop workers and all of the essential services together with so many volunteers. I know many others are praying and interceding hidden from human sight. Pope Francis reminds us, it is all of you who are quietly and heroically writing the story of this time. In the Gospel, we hear how even in the most desolate and bewildering moments, the Risen Jesus walks with us even when we fail to recognise Him. He allows our hearts to once more burn within us and inspires the prayer, “Stay with us, Lord Jesus.”

 I hope the re-opening of our churches will not be too long delayed so that we can recognise Jesus Himself as the first disciples recognised Him in the breaking of the bread – in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist with all joy renewed. In the meantime, let us continue to pray wherever we find ourselves: Stay with us, Lord Jesus as we walk through these days. May God bless you all, + Mark Bishop of Shrewsbury


Photo of the Week: Japan

Another two fascinating photos from Tommy and Helen’s recent visit there to see Michael and the family. Many churches and other buildings were destroyed in the War and needed to be rebuilt afterwards. We send our best wishes to all those in the Far East, and I don’t mean Grimsby…