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Acts 4, 32-35; Psalm 117; I John 5, 1-6; John 20, 19-31

9.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Intentions of Mark and Danielle
10.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Ann Snowling (7th Anniversary)
11.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Jim Catterson (1st Anniversary)
12.00 noon: St Werburgh’s: Gino Vianello (L.D. Ruabon)

Monday 12th April: Ferial: Acts 4, 22-31; Psalm 2; John 3, 1-8
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Patrick Regan

Tuesday 13th April: Ferial: Acts 4, 32-37; Psalm 91; John 3, 7-15
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Mary Regan

Wednesday 14th April: Ferial: Acts 5, 17-26; Psalm 33; John 3, 16-21
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Interview Intentions (Graham)

Thursday 15th April: Ferial: Acts 5, 27-33; Psalm 33; John 3, 31-36
10.40 am: Blacon: Funeral Service for Dennis Hurley, late of Rowland Heights
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: James Regan

Friday 16th April: Ferial: Acts 5, 34-42; Psalm 26; John 6, 1-15
1.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: Wedding Service for Liz Goggins and Will Pearson
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Gerry Cummins (89th Birthday Remembrance)

Saturday 17th April: Ferial: Acts 6, 1-7; Psalm 32; John 6, 16-21
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (L.D.)

Acts 3, 13-19; Psalm 4; I John 2, 1-5; Luke 24, 35-48
9.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Sheila Norman (Birthday Remembrance)
10.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Paula Scott (L.D., Watford)
11.00 am: St Werburgh’s: HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (L.D.)
12.00 noon: St Werburgh’s: Flack Family Members

Prayer intentions

Your prayers are asked for the following who are sick: John McMahon, James Convey, Pauline and Bill Hackett, Laura Chadwick, Elisabeth, Stuart Clark, Keith Hayes, Sheila Winder, Joe and Ruth O’Kane, Garth Stocking and Kevin Maguire; and for all the sick of the Parish; and for those who have died recently, especially HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Patricia Waite, Jack Lebeter and Dennis Hurley; and for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Janie Turner, Helen Bird, Terry King, Kathy Reynolds, Mary Byrne, Cecilia Gresty, Pat Griffiths, Kathleen Hughes, James Thornton, Arthur Tolley, John Claxton, Jerry Walsh, John Connolly, Catherine O’Mahony, Matthew Harper, Marie Foley, Mary Reddy, Ann Grimes, William Edge, Joseph Jones, Cara Messer, Mavis Fazey, Eileen Johnson, Norah Atherton, Esther Wilbraham, Barbara Cooke, Gerry Cummins, Annie Langford, Noreen Cubitt and Conchita Sedwell. May They All Rest in Peace.

Parish events

His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip R.I.P.

Bishop Mark wrote to us on Friday:

I am sure you will already have received the sad news of the death of Prince Philip earlier today. May he rest in peace. Our first thought must be to pray for the eternal repose of Prince Philip’s soul and for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family at this time of personal loss.

In the absence of prayers of the faithful in the Liturgy, you may wish to invite the prayers of parishioners at the beginning of Mass or at the time of the homily. The papers I have received from the Lord Lieutenant indicate there are likely to be seven or eight days of mourning before a State Funeral for the Duke of Edinburgh takes place and this may be the most appropriate time for Requiem Masses to be offered in the parishes. A Requiem Mass will be livestreamed from the Cathedral at this time and details will follow.

As the Duke of Edinburgh was for so long part of our national life, this may also be a time to reflect on Prince Philip’s life devoted to public service for as long as most of us can remember. In the various areas and counties of the Diocese we must be sensitive to the arrangements for Memorial Services in which the Church of England will be invited to take a leading role. I will be writing a letter of condolence to Her Majesty the Queen on behalf of the Diocese, and you may also wish to send messages of prayer and condolence from the parishes as you judge appropriate. I will pass on to you any further information or resources for prayerful remembrance that I receive in the days ahead.

With every good wish,
Yours sincerely in Christ,
+ Mark, Bishop of Shrewsbury.

I will be sending our own condolences and expression of sympathy on behalf of St Werburgh’s, and I know many of you may wish to do that individually as well. I have put my own Private Mass on Saturday for Prince Philip (the expected day of his Funeral) and the 11.00 am Mass next Sunday Morning. May He Rest in Peace.

A Very Happy Easter to You All - and Thanks!

Last week’s Newsletter was written after Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, and before the Saturday Vigil and Easter Sunday Morning Masses. Glad to be able to report that our simpler Services continued as beautifully as we had hoped. 544 of you attended those Services in total: 68 on Maundy Thursday evening, 82 on Good Friday afternoon, 64 on Holy Saturday Evening for the Vigil, 78 on Easter Sunday Morning at 9.00 am, 83 at 10.00 am, 79 at 11.00 and 90 at 12.00 noon. You can see from those figures how full we were and how Booking was absolutely essential. A huge thanks to the Booking Team and our fantastic army of Stewards, without whom none of this would have been possible.

Eucharistic Ministers Promise of Commitment

I wasn’t sure about including this on Thursday Evening at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, but in the event thirty of you were able to stand in your places and renew your pledge to serve for another year! Well done! You represented everyone who was not able to be there in person, but whose service is equally valued and appreciated. As ever, we had some Wizziter EM’s - from St Theresa’s Blacon, from St Francis of Assisi Llay and from St Hilda’s Northenden (posh end of the Diocese). Great to have you with us!

Easter "Day by Day" and Sacred Heart Messengers

On the table as you leave, £1 each. You can always pop the money in next week! Plus, Diocesan Year Books and Diocesan Ordos, if you never picked up your copies: £5 each. Again , because of the one-way system, if it helps, take your mag with you today and pop the money in next week.

"Universe" and "Catholic Times"

If you are unable to collect your paper at Mass you can now get it delivered direct to your home every week post free - it’s quick and simple! just go to or call us on 0161 820 5722 and we will arrange delivery for you.
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The Covid-19 Restrictions Are Still in Place!

  • 1. The wearing of face coverings in church by the faithful (unless the person has a valid exemption from this regulation).
  • 2. Social distancing of people within the church building.
  • 3. Stewarding of the church premises to assist the faithful whilst in church.
  • 4. Frequent hand cleansing, either with sanitiser or washing.
  • 5. Suitable one-way systems in the building to prevent excessive interaction between people from different households or bubbles.
  • 6. Good ventilation of the church building to refresh the air quality within.
  • 7. Cleaning of the church building after each act of public worship.
  • 8. The timely dispersing of the faithful after the acts of worship avoiding congregating in car parks or on the streets outside the church.

Joining the Gift Aid Scheme

If you pay income tax, joining the Gift Aid scheme increases the value of your donations to the Parish by 25% at no extra cost to you. Interested in joining the scheme? Please contact FP or Denise Jones.

Photo of the Week: Knights of St Columbus

A KSC Dinner from 1962. Fr Murphy clearly visible on the right: I think I recognise the other two Priests on the left, but not 100% certain. Anyone confirm for me who they are - and anyone recognise any of the other faces in this photo? Don’t forget: we always love receiving your photos, either archive or contemporary, for inclusion in this very popular slot.