St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

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Acts 1, 15-26; Psalm 102; I John 4, 11-16; John 17, 11-19

9.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Brian Boardman
10.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Thanksgiving for Laila Marianne
11.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Geraldine Pile (L.D.)
12.00 noon: St Werburgh’s: Eileen Burke (L.D., Liverpool)

Monday 17th May: Ferial: Acts 19, 1-8; Psalm 67; John 16, 29-33
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Harry Teague (7th Anniversary)

Tuesday 18th May: Ferial: Acts 20, 17-27; Psalm 67; John 17, 1-11
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Mary O’Rourke (L.D., Australia)

Wednesday 19th May: St Milburga: Acts 20, 28-38; Psalm 67; John 17, 11-19
10.00 am: Salvation Army, Winsford: Meeting of Cheshire Church Leaders
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Gladwen Nicholson (1st Anniversary)

Thursday 20th May: Ferial: Acts 22,30 - 23,11; Psalm 15; John 17, 20-26
12.00 noon: Blacon: Interment of Ashes for the late Maurice and Ingrid Townson
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Intentions of Graham and Anna

Friday 21st May: The Dedication of the Cathedral
Ezekiel 47, 1-12; Psalm I Chronicles 29; John 2, 13-22
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: HHJTQC (75th Birthday Intentions)

Saturday 22nd May: Ferial: Acts 28, 16-31; Psalm 10; John 21, 20-25
12.00 noon: St Werburgh’s: Wedding Service for Daniel Ward and Amanda Barker
Fr Paul’s Private Mass Intention today: Intentions of Peter and Liz

Acts 2, 1-11; Psalm 103; I Corinthians 12, 3-13; John 20, 19-23
9.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Daphne Taylor (4th Anniversary)
10.00 am: St Werburgh’s: David Woodbury (3rd Anniversary)
11.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Kate Curtis (2nd Anniversary)
12.00 noon: St Werburgh’s: Marie Roberts 75th Birthday Intentions
1.00 pm: Baptism of Martha May

Prayer intentions

Your prayers are asked for the following who are sick: John McMahon, James Convey, Pauline and Bill Hackett, Laura Chadwick, Elisabeth, Stuart Clark, Keith Hayes, Sheila Winder, Joe and Ruth O’Kane, Garth Stocking and Kevin Maguire; and for all the sick of the Parish; and for those who have died recently; and for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Teresa Holt, Paddy White, Daisy Chesworth, Rodney Carrigan, Christopher Rose, Martha Pattison, Elsie Wilson, Dianne Roberts, Samuel Wingrove, John Carter, Charles Donachie, Carmela Calouri, Mick Fields, Jean Asher and Vicky Boultbee. May They All Rest in Peace.

Parish events

Last Thursday: Holyday of the Ascension

Many thanks to all those who turned up for the two Ascension Day Masses, and for our Team of Stewards who made these Masses possible.

Pressure at Masses on Sundays

Better last Sunday, with a more even distribution between the four Masses. Please remember that 9.00 and 11.00 are the two most popular. To be sure of a place at any of the Masses, please arrive in plenty of time. Thanks, everyone!

Upcoming Dates - End of Eastertide

  • Thursday 13th May - Ascension
  • Sunday 16th May - 7th Sunday of Easter
  • Sunday 23rd May - Pentecost
  • Sunday 30th May - Trinity Sunday
  • Sunday 6th June - Corpus Christi
  • Sunday 13th June - 11th Sunday in Ord Time

Covid-19 Restrictions - Monday, 17th May

The immediate implications for churches will be on numbers for Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals. We are expecting the first two to go up to 30. Regarding Funerals, information in the press has been a little misleading. "No limits for Funerals" have been the headlines, until you read down into the small print, and see "but limits in individual locations will still apply." You bet! So, for Funerals here, please, everyone, still wait to be invited and put on the official list. Please don’t just turn up, as you used to do in pre-Covid days.

Pope Francis’s call for the Rosary During May

Pope Francis specifically calls for the praying of the Rosary across the world during the month of May. In the Holy Father’s vision this worldwide chain of prayer will proceed from the Marian shrines of the world. Our own national shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham was given a pre-eminent place following the Vatican on the first day of May.

Here at St Werburgh’s?

There’s been a great response for the first two weeks, numbers averaging about twenty. We’re not proud - we’ve welcomed friends from St Clare’s, St Francis, St Theresa’s and even St Carpark’s. Every Evening in May at 6.30 pm in the Front Garden for 20 minutes. Come and join us! We will pray together for an end to this world-wide pandemic. I’d like to think that everyone would come along for at least one of these Rosaries!

Beds on Offer - One Gone, One New!

The first bed we advertised has now found a good home. But a second one has come on offer, free to anyone: Mattress never been used, bed frame up for one night only. Plus...

Kitchen Tables, Playpen, Encyclopaedias...

Good homes wanted! A parishioner has two nice kitchen tables, a good playpen and a quality set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica to donate FREE to any family that could use them. I’ve photos if you’d like them. Interested in any of them? Let FP know. I’d like to think of some precocious eighteen-month -old Werbie sitting in that playpen leafing through those Encyclopaedias...

SVP Project Planning Application: Help Needed

The SVP nationally are exploring the possibility of having a centre in Birkenhead. Negotiations for the grant of the lease are ongoing and it will be necessary to make a planning application for change of use. The team who are working to get the project off the ground are seeking someone with experience of CAD who may be able to draw plans of the existing building to assist in submitting a planning application for change of use so the building can offer the provision of food and training. Anyone who could assist in drawing up the building plans please contact Rose Mullarkey on 07905 952798 or any SVP Member.

Chester Fair Trade Shop - Wesley Methodists

After being closed since Christmas Eve 2020 we are delighted to be able to announce that Chester's only dedicated Fair Trade shop will re-open for business on Tuesday 18th May. Located at the Wesley Methodist Church Centre in St John's Street we will initially open from 11.00 am - 2.00 pm, Tuesday to Saturday inclusive, but hope to be able to open for more hours before too long. We would of course love to have your custom, but also very happy for you to call in to say hello and have a look at the wide range of goods we can offer. All of them supporting the principles of fair trade and benefiting producers, farmers and artisans around the world with a fair deal. You could also combine your visit with the chance to stop for a drink and snack in Wesley's Coffee shop which is also reopening the same day.

Photo of the Week: Mass in the ABC Cinema

1970, Bishop Grasar main Celebrant, for the Canonization of the 40 Martyrs. Anyone recognise any of the Priests? Wasn’t born then, myself...

Zoom Talk Taylor’s Boatyard
Wednesday 12th May at 7.30 pm

Many thanks to Geoff for his fascinating talk last Wednesday, and the quality of the photos and graphics. Thanks to everyone who joined us. So interesting to see pictures of Geoff as a boy during the First World War. Anyone else like to offer a Zoom Talk on any topic? Love to hear from you!

Poor Clares Fundraising

As you all remember, the Poor Clares left Hawarden two years ago to move in with the Nottingham community. Now they are needing to raise funds for work on their house there. They write:

We are doing a virtual pilgrimage to Walsingham (round the Garden). Our sisters are walking from Nottingham to Walsingham in pairs, 16,000 steps per pair, per day for the month of May. This is because our dear home in Nottingham has rather a lot of woodworm in the floorboards, holes in the roof, fungus on the ceilings, rusty pipes, eccentric electrics, defective heating and there are cracked sewers under the floorboard, which are full of woodworms... Like St Francis of old we are going to have to rebuild - and it will take more than we have... If you would like to help our sisters, please go to our rebuilding blog to sponsor a nun...