St Werburgh's Roman Catholic Parish, Chester

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Daniel 7, 13-14; Psalm 92; Apocalypse 1, 5-8; John 18, 33-37

6.00 pm Saturday: St Werburgh’s: Special Intention (GS and St Saviour’s)
9.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Deceased Members of the Boulton and Fazey Families
10.45 am: St Werburgh’s: Tony Mayers (Anniversary); Reception into church of Mr Reg Snow
2.00 – 4.00 pm: Blacon: Blessing of Graves
6.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: Pasquale Deponeo (Anniversary)

Monday 22nd November: St Cecilia: Daniel 1, 1-20; Psalm Daniel 3; Luke 21, 1-4
12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: Celia Murphy (L.D.)
1.10 pm: University Chapel: University Mass – All Welcome.

Tuesday 23rd November: Ferial: Daniel 2, 31-45; Psalm Daniel 3; Luke 21, 5-11
7.30 am: St Werburgh’s: Special Intention (GS)

Wednesday 24th November: St Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions, Martyrs of Vietnam
Daniel 5, 1-28; Psalm Daniel 3; Luke 21, 12-19
12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: Pauline Hackett (L.D.)

Thursday 25th November: Ferial: Daniel 6, 12-28; Psalm Daniel 3; Luke 21, 20-28
12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: Sheila Fields (1st Anniversary)

Friday 26th November: Ferial: Daniel 7, 2-14; Psalm Daniel 3; Luke 21, 29-33
10.00 am: Blacon: Funeral Service for Mary Hayward. Late of Oaklands NH
12.15 pm: St Werburgh’s: Jim Catterson

Saturday 27th November: Ferial: Daniel 7, 15-27; Psalm Daniel 3; Luke 21, 34-36
8.30 – 9.30 am: St Werburgh’s: Confessions
10.00 am: St Werburgh’s: First Holy Communion Enrolment Mass
3.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: SVP Autumn Reconciliation Service and Tea
6.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: Santiago Victor (1st Anniv)

Jeremiah 33, 14-16; Psalm 24; I Thessalonians 3,12 – 4,2; Luke 21, 25-36
6.00 pm Saturday: St Werburgh’s: Santiago Victor (1st Anniv)
9.00 am: St Werburgh’s: Gerry Cummins
10.45 am: St Werburgh’s: Catherine Petterson (1st Anniversary) and Frank (2nd Birthday Rem)
2.00 – 4.00 pm: Overleigh: Blessing of Graves – Old Side at 2.00 pm, New Side (Blackwells) 3.00 pm
6.00 pm: St Werburgh’s: Mick and Sheila Fields

Prayer Intentions

Your prayers are asked for the following who are sick: Brian Boardman Jnr, John McMahon, James Convey, Bill Hackett, Laura Chadwick, Elisabeth, Stuart Clark, Keith Hayes, Ruth O’Kane, Garth Stocking and Kevin Maguire and for all the sick of the Parish; and for those who have died recently, especially Anne Jones, Mary Hayward, Steven Andrews, Peter Doig and Gerhard Korchel; and for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Gerald Davies, John Ball, Joseph McArdle, William Logan, Patricia Gardner, Michael Fox, Mary Corr, Aida Balforth, Kevin Connolly, Bridget Jones, Gladys Howard, Mandy Burke, Jeanette Grant, Rosina Burns, Bill Butcher, Greta Morgan, Denis Fitzgerald, Peggy Jennings, Mary Ball, Margaret Kilgannon, Evelyn Mealand, Geoff Buckley, Ted Clarkson, Catherine Petterson, Jean Lynch and Sheila Fields.

May They All Rest in Peace.

Parish events


Christmas Arrangements 2021

It’s going to be a military operation again this year, folks, and your Monday Morning Covid Taskforce has been planning it for some weeks now. This is what we’ve come up with, and we know we can reply on your co-operation one hundred per cent to make it a joyful and safe Christmas for all our Werbies and all our many, many Wizziters.

Friday 24th, Christmas Eve

  • 4.30 pm: Children’s Christmas Eve Mass I
  • 6.00 pm: Children’s Christmas Eve Mass II
  • 8.30 pm: Vigil Mass of Christmas
  • 11.30 pm: Carols and Midnight Mass

Saturday 25th, Christmas Day

  • 9.00 am: Dawn Mass of Christmas
  • 10.00 am: Day Mass of Christmas
  • 11.00 am: Day Mass of Christmas
  • 12.00 noon (if needed): Day Mass of Christmas

Booking essential for all Masses, as numbers will be limited due to Social Distancing. Tickets will be issued, and no admittance without a ticket. Booking opens Thursday 2nd December, online (through the Parish website) and by telephone, 8.00-10.00 am each week, Monday to Friday.

CathSoc Storms Ahead on Sunday Nights!!

Sunday evenings, straight after 6.00 pm Mass:

  • 21st November: Advent Candle – Joy
  • 28th November: Advent Candle – Peace
  • 5th December: Christmas Quiz
  • 12th December: Christmas Supper Together

If you’re a student at Chester or any other University, and over 18, we’d love to welcome you.

Covid-19 and Standing at the Back

Please, everyone: to keep us all Covid safe, could everyone SIT for Mass, and not stand at the back? That’ll prevent congestion during Holy Communion.

Readers at Mass

Lots of wolunteers for 9.00 am, but how about 10.45 or 6.,00 pm? Come on, chaps! (Chapesses?)

Shrewsbury Lourdes Diocesan Hospitality

Sunday 12th December, 3.00 pm, Mass to celebrate 70 years of the Shrewsbury Pilgrimage, St Vincent’s Knutsford. Celebrated by Bishop Mark, followed by refreshments. Meeting beforehand at 1.30 pm.

Catholic High School Production of “Matilda”

This coming week, Tuesday 23rd to Thursday 25th inc, 7.30 pm, with refreshments available from 7.00 pm. Tickets, £6.50, from School Office, 01244-952788. I shall be there myself, of course, with my dancing pumps, just in case any of the chorus has an unfortunate accident and isn’t able to go on…

“Simply Christmas!” Concert at St Mary’s

Friday 10th December and Saturday 11th, concert of Christmas Choral Music by Chester Operatic. 7.30 pm at St Mary’s Handbridge. Tickets £15, including refreshments, £7.50 for under-12’s. 01244-675431, or

Hospice of the Good Shepherd: Light up the Dark

The children of St Werburgh’s & St Columba’s Primary School are lighting up their classroom windows at night. Donations of £1 will light a candle with your special message or prayer of remembrance for someone who’s gone before. All profits to the Hospice. Please fill in a sticker and place donation in the basket at the back of church.

New Liturgical Year Begins Next Week

Next Sunday, 28th November, is the 1st Sunday of Advent and the beginning of our new Liturgical Year. The Sunday Cycle of Readings moves from B to C, and the Weekday Cycle from I to II.

Day by Day and Sacred Heart Messenger

Advent Day by Days (£1) and November and December Sacred Heart Messengers (£1.50 each) both on sale at the back of church.

Reg Snow Reception into Catholic Church

This Sunday, 21st November, another joyous day for St Werburgh’s as we welcome Reg, our sparkling 93-year-old, into the Catholic Church. It’s been a joy instructing him, and he is immensely welcome into the family of St Werburgh’s. Never too late to become a Werbie!!!

Celia Murphy Memorial Mass

Celia’s family wished to hold a small, private Funeral, but are delighted that we can also have a much bigger, public Memorial Mass for her here in St Werburgh’s. Tuesday, 30th November at 12.00 noon. We will be using all the hymns and readings that Celia herself chose for her funeral. Everyone very warmly invited to attend.

October/November Mass Count 2021

  • 25/26 September: 369; 2/3 October: 372
  • 9/10 October: 380; 16/17 October: 399
  • 23/24 October: 414; 30/31 October: 383
  • 6/7 November: 413; 13/14 November: 397

Blessing of Graves at Blacon and Overleigh

Sunday 21st November at Blacon, the following Sunday, 28th, at Overleigh, 2.00-4.00 pm each afternoon. Just turn up! At Overleigh, I will begin in the older side (on the right as you drive towards the Overleigh Roundabout) at 2.00 pm and move over to the newer side at 3.00 pm.

Mass of the Holy Souls Monday 29th November

7.30 pm, when every name in our Holy Souls Book will be read out and you are invited if you wish to come forward and light a candle in their memory.

Holy Souls Book: Final Edition This Week

The book is updated every week during November: the Final Edition appears today, with all names submitted up to last Thursday. Many thanks!

Repository: Bottle Bags Sale. Coming Next: Tins!!

Last few Second Hand (pre-loved?) Bottle Bags. 3 for a £1!! When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Photo of the Week: Catholic Cathedral Edinburgh

St Mary’s, something of a “hidden gem”! Many thanks to Steve from Michigan for sending it in!